Our Approach

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to create a subculture within society that concentrates on fundamentals in life beyond athletics. To build relationships beyond sports, help develop athletes and aid them with their academic studies. Any athlete with the desire to play at the next level will have our full devotion to assist in making dreams become reality. We promise to lead with integrity, respect and discipline.

Our Story

Why CTC?

Success is not linear. Not everyone makes straight A's. Not everyone will become a professional athlete. But what everyone can do, is lead with a servant's heart and be the best they can be and positively influence those around them. Create The Culture is more than just providing media coverage for athletes, it is an outlet for networking and expressing one's self. Basketball is just a vehicle to opening doors and we want to be the gas in your tank to help you get wherever your destination is.

Meet the Team


Kyle Sandy


Kyle Sandy is known for his full-service basketball website which is home to the official GHSA state rankings. Kyle helps connect high school players to college coaches and hosts the Sandy's Spiel Showcase. You can follow him on Twitter @KyleSandy355.


Wayne Brown Jr.


Wayne Brown Jr. is regarded as a true relationship builder whose reach extends to players and coaches. His passion for basketball comes from his playing days at North Cobb. Brown has worked numerous youth camps and has played a role in player development. His goal is to create an atmosphere where athletes have a home to be themselves and grow in athletics and life.